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Visible Card Index
Most of the drawbacks of the card index can be removed by adopting this system. According to it, the cards are laid flat in transparent covers in a metal frame or a shallow tray.


Postini Alternative

Each card is so fitted into a metal hinge that it overlapes the on before it, the name and address on it being visible without touching another card. The trays or frames may be fitted horizontally into cabinets or attached vertically to metal stands. The hinges enable the operator to writer on each card, either on back or front, without removing it from its place.

A modern method of visible card indexing is operated with the help of card wheell in which cards are attached to metal rods surrounding a wheel set on a tub or stand. The wheel rotates and can be spun around or held in any position by a brake. It can hold between 1,000 and 5,000 cards. Any card can be examined without removing it from the wheel. Entries can be made in particular cards buy applying the brake to keep the wheel in a certain position. Cards can be inserted of taken out whenever necessary through slits in the metal rod.

The strip index is yet another method of visible indexing which can be used when these entries in an index in limited to a few lines (names, addresses, reference, etc.). It consist, of a frame into which strips of stiff paper can be fitted in any required order. Each strip is devoted to one item. Frames can be either fixed on the wall, held in a book form, or arranged on a rotary stand which can be turned round to look at any part of the index.

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