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Strike and lockout
Strike and lock-out are the weapons in the armory of the labour and the employer respectively in the process of collective bargaining.


Postini Alternative

Even prior to the provisions in the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 there was a provision for strike and lock-out in Section 15 of the repealed Trade Disputes Act, 1929. The Industrial Disputes Act does not purport to take away these rights of strike and lock-out from the labour and employer. However, for the purpose of achieving harmonious relations between the industrial employers and their employees, the rights of strike and lock-out have been restricted. The act has prohibited to resort to strike and lock-outs continued or commenced in contravention of these statutory provision have been made illegal by Section 24 of the Act.

The strike/lock-out situations can be divided into three parts:-

(i) pre-strike/lock-out situation

(ii) In-strike/lock-out situation

(iii) Post-strike/lock-out situation

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